The CB500X offers a whole new look, tough and full of adventure. Inspired by the Africa Twin model, with the perfect harmony between the toughness expressed through the plastic details and the design lines running along the body, along with the sharp, bold car shape that shows off. through the front of the car. The windshield has been increased in height, helping to bring maximum comfort to the driver.

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Đỏ đen bạc

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Thông số kỹ thuật

Weight yourself


Length x Width X Height

2,155 mm x 8250 mm x 1,445 mm

Wheel axle distance

1,445 mm

Seat height

830 mm

Ground clearance

180 mm

Petrol tank capacity

17,5 liters

Size of front / rear layers

Previous: 110 / 80R 19M / C

After: 160 / 60R 17M / C


Cage, hydraulic dampers, 41mm, preload can be adjusted

Rear fork

Prolink single cylindrical spring, spring preload with 5 adjustable levels

Engine type

Double-cylinder, 4-stroke, DOHC, liquid-cooled engine

Front brake

Single hydraulic disc, 310mm brake disc, 2 pistons, equipped with ABS

Rear brake

Single hydraulic disc, 2400mm brake disc, 1 piston, equipped with ABS

Cylinder capacity


Diameter x stroke of the plunger

67mm X 66.8mm

Compression ratio


Maximum capacity

35kw / 8,600 rpm

Maximum torque

43 Nm / 6,500 rpm

43 Nm / 6,500 rpm

2.4 liters when changing oil

2.6 liters when changing oil and filter

3.1 liters when the machine is discharged

Drive type

6-digit hand taper

Starting system


Front fork tilt angle


Scan length


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