What awaits us across the horizon? On the other side of the city where we live? The other side is familiar and not much of a surprise? And what is the way to fully experience these new things? We choose to travel on large but flexible motorcycles, easy to control, full of inspiration "faint". Try gliding down the road by car or bike, going to the same restaurant, seeing the same scenery and then telling us what is the most memorable trip.

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Đỏ Đen

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390 kg

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Product's name
Gold Wing
Weight yourself 383kg
Length x WIDTH X HEIGHT 2.575mm x 905mm x 1.555mm
Wheel axle distance
Seat height 745mm
Ground clearance 130mm
Petrol tank capacity 21L
Tire size front / rear
Front tire: 130/70 R18
Rear tire: 200/55 R16
Forks Dual bracing suspension system with single cylindrical spring, spring preload and electronically adjustable damping level
Rear fork Pro-link single cylindrical spring, hydraulic dampers, spring preload and electronically adjustable damping level
Engine type SOHC, 4-stroke, 6-cylinder, PGM-FI, liquid cooled.
Front brake Dual hydraulic disc, 6-piston, ABS
Rear brake Single hydraulic disc, 3 pistons, ABS
Capacity Xy-cylinder 1.833cc
Diameter x travel plunger 73mm x 73mm
Compression ratio  10,5:1
Maximum capacity 93kW / 5,500 rpm
Maximum torque 170Nm / 4,500 round / min
Engine oil capacity 4.4L when changing oil
4.6L when changing oil and filter
Drive type
DCT, 7 digits
Starting system electricity
Front fork tilt angle 30o30’
Scan length 109mm

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